Timely use of anti-snake venom improves maternal and fetal outcome: a case report

Sonal M. Parekar, Jugalkishore B. Jaju, Shrikant C. Dharmadhikari, Ganesh R. Pawar, Visha M. Ubale, Punam A. Gosavi


Snake bite is a common medical emergency and an occupational hazard in a rural population of India. Though it is uncommon in pregnancy, it is associated with poor maternal and fetal outcome. Early gestational age and delay in the treatment are the factors responsible for unfavorable prognosis. Here, we report a case of primigravida, aged 22 years, with 22 weeks of gestation presenting with a history of snake bite on the left frontal region of the face. While on anti-snake venom treatment, patient developed anaphylactic reaction. In spite of this, the maternal and the fetal outcome were good in this case.


Snakebite, Pregnancy, Anaphylactic reaction

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