Published: 2017-01-10

Evaluation of effect of alcoholic extract of Tinospora cordifolia on learning and memory in alprazolam induced amnesia in albino mice

Jyothi C. H., Shashikala G., Vidya H. K., Shashikala G. H.


Background: Tinospora cordifolia is one of the most versatile shrub with cognitive enhancing effects could be beneficial for treatment of dementia and neurodegenerative diseases like alzheimer’s disease. The purpose of study was to evaluate the effect of Tinospora cordifolia on learning and memory in alprazolam induced amnesia in albino mice.

Methods: The study was carried out on albino mice, divided into 4 groups of 6 animals each (either sex, 3-4 months of age, weight 25-30g). Amnesia was induced by administering alprazolam (2 mg/kg body weight for 14 days) in all 4 groups for 14 days from 1st to 14th day. Group 1 was given alprazolam (2 mg/kg/p.o) alone for 14 days. In addition, group 2 was given piracetam (400 mg/kg p.o) from 8th to 15th day. Group 3 was given alcoholic extract of Tinospora cordifolia 140 mg/kg, p.o. from 1st to 15th day. Group 4 was given alcoholic extract of Tinospora cordifolia 280 mg/kg, p.o. from 1st to 15th day. The learning and memory of the animals was assessed by employing elevated plus maze (EPM) and step-down type passive avoidance model (SDA).

Results: Results were compared among the different groups using one way-ANOVA followed by post hoc Tukey’s test. The measured parameters were compared with standard drug piracetam. Tinospora cordifolia at 140 mg/kg (p<0.02) and 280 mg/kg was significant in both models (p<0.02) and in EPM model, Tinospora cordifolia at 280 mg/kg showed highly significant result (P<0.01).

Conclusions: Tinospora cordifolia, Indian medicinal plant useful for treatment of various ailments can also be a useful alternative for treating dementia and associated diseases like alzheimer’s disease.


Tinospora cordifolia, Piracetam, Alprazolam, Alzheimer’s disease, Elevated plus maze, Step-down type passive avoidance

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