Published: 2017-01-05

Evaluation of gastric motility of Phyllanthus emblica and Asparagus racemosus in cold stress induced gastric damage

Shirish Joshi, Snehalata Vijayanand Gajbhiye, Urmila Thatte


Background: Gastric emptying is known to be delayed in gastritis and gastric ulcer. Phyllanthus emblica and Asparagus racemosus are known to be gastroporotective. The objective if the study is to evaluate the effects of Phyllanthus emblica and Asparagus racemosus on gastric motility per se and by using the cold stress model of gastric damage.

Methods: 84 wistar rats were used and divided into 7 groups. Different extracts of Phyllanthus emblica was administered to rats. Other groups received distilled water (control), Asparagus racemosus and ranitidine.  All rats were given a test meal of methyl cellulose (1.5%) mixed with phenol red (50 mg/100 ml) orally and gastric emptying was measured 20 minutes later.

Results: Gastric emptying was found to be 58.00±8.36 in normal rats (group I). None of the study drugs had any per se effect on gastric motility. Cold stress significantly reduced the gastric emptying 35.33±5.46 (p<0.05). Phyllanthus emblica and Asparagus racemosus showed increase in gastric motility 82.66±6.43 (phyllanthus emblica hot water extract) and 68.50±4.54 respectively which was statistically significant (p<0.01). Ranitidine also showed statistically significant increase in gastric motility 70.00±5.40 (p<0.01).

Conclusions: Phyllanthus emblica and Asparagus racemosa have gastric motility enhancing effect and this could be one of the mechanisms of decrease in gastric erosions.


Ayurveda, Gastric motility, Phenol red

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