Pharmacological investigations of neuroprotective potential of Centella lujica supplement on sleep deprivation-induced anxiety-like behaviour in mice

Anthony T. Eduviere, Prosper E. Awhin, Kesiena E. Edje, Lily O. Otomewo, Emuesiri G. Moke, Adrian I. Omogbiya, Oghenemaro P. Idiowa


Background: Sleep deprivation has often been implicated in several neurological disorders. Centella lujica is a psychoactive herb with medically-beneficial therapeutic potential. The current study sought to evaluate the neuroprotective effect of Centella lujica supplement in experimental animals.

Methods: Sleep deprivation in mice was done using the multiple platforms over water model.

Results: Upon treatment with Centella lujica supplement, the parameters of anxiety-like behaviour induced by sleep deprivation were found to be significantly diminished in comparison to the sleep deprived animals.

Conclusions: Centella lujica treatment significantly decreased hyper locomotion, and anxiety-like behaviour caused by sleep deprivation.


Centella lujica, Locomotion, Anxiety, Sleep deprivation

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