A questionnaire-based study to evaluate perception, attitude and opinion of undergraduate medical students on the teaching-learning methodology in pharmacology

Saripilli Preethi Yadav, K. N. V. Anusha


Background: Pharmacology enables medical students with the art of rational prescriptions of drugs. Reforms in undergraduate teaching are the need of the hour. The purpose of the study was to assess the student’s attitude, perception, and feedback on teaching-learning methodology. Students’ feedback gives an idea to evaluate teaching methods.

Methods: A cross-sectional study based on questionnaire. A total of 200 second-year medical students studying at Rangaraya medical college, Kakinada, were asked to fill up a pre-validated, predesigned questionnaire containing 17 questions. Descriptive statistics were used for analysis of data, and the results were expressed in percentage (%).

Results: Out of 200 students, 188 filled the questionnaire, and results were analyzed. 98.43% wanted case-based learning; 96.34% wanted more of clinical pharmacology in the curriculum. 83.53% wanted group discussion. Difficulty level of understanding is CVS (67%), CNS (65%), ANS (59%). 44% preferred tutorials. Combined use of LCD + Blackboard (86.58) is ideal teaching method. 81.70% of students studied textbooks only. According to students, pharmacology teachers should make subject interesting (37%) and student-friendly (31%). The need for pharmacology orientation during the internship (68.29%).

Conclusions: The study related to the perception and attitude of the students in learning pharmacology was positive and constructive. The students wish to learn more of clinical and practical oriented way with useful audio-visual aids, and should also be refreshed during internship. Implementation of the same would be helpful for better outcome of students.



Attitude, Learning, Medical students, Perception, Pharmacology, Teaching

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