Published: 2017-09-23

Knowledge, awareness and attitude towards rational use of medicines by community pharmacists in and around Coimbatore, India

Bhuvaneswari K., Jeyalakshmi D., Umamaheswari A.


Background: Achievement of goals of rational use of medicine (RUM) in the community is not possible without participation of community pharmacists. Pharmacists must know that they are the main tool to educate and spread information on rational use of medicine in the community. This background enabled this study to observe the knowledge, awareness and attitude of the community pharmacists towards the rational use of medicine. Aim and Objectives were to assess the knowledge and awareness among community pharmacists about rational drug use in and around Coimbatore.

Methods: It was a cross sectional observational study using a preformed questionnaire. Study participants were 215 Community Pharmacists (those are registered pharmacist running standalone pharmacy stores not affiliating to any institutions /hospitals/not a part of a large chain of stores) inside (115 Pharmacist) and around (100 Pharmacist) Coimbatore city. Questionnaire was given to them and results were analyzed and expressed in percentage at the end of the study.

Results: Comparing the awareness about RUM in the community pharmacists in and around Coimbatore was found with the results which was almost equal or less in terms of dispensing medicines without prescription, issuing medicines to outdated prescription, educating the public about ADR etc.

Conclusions: This study ensure the need of the community pharmacist participation for the development of a clear educational policy on promoting rational use of medicine involving all segments of health care system to ensure the community benefit and safety.


Attitude, Awareness, Knowledge, Rational use of medicine, Pharmacist

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