Comparison of postoperative analgesic efficacy and safety of parecoxib and ketorolac in patients of inguinal hernia


  • Ajit M. Zende Department of Pharmacology, R.C.S.M. Government Medical College and C.P.R. Hospital, Kolhapur-416 002, Maharashtra, India
  • Rama R. Bhosale Department of Pharmacology, R.C.S.M. Government Medical College and C.P.R. Hospital, Kolhapur-416 002, Maharashtra, India


Ketorolac, Parecoxib, Post-operative pain


Background: The present study was conducted to compare postoperative analgesic efficacy and safety profile of intravenous parecoxib with intravenous ketorolac in patients operated for inguinal hernia.

Methods: It was six months, prospective, randomized parallel group, open label study in patients operated for inguinal hernia. Each patient was randomly assigned the analgesic drug treatment and was grouped as control group (ketorolac treated) and study group (parecoxib treated).

Results: The present study has shown that parecoxib has similar analgesic efficacy as that of ketorolac, with parecoxib having significant longer duration of analgesic action. Parecoxib sodium was well tolerated in all patients and most of patients rated parecoxib as well as ketorolac as either good or excellent.

Conclusions: The study demonstrated that parecoxib compares favorably with ketorolac and parecoxib can be recommended as a useful component of postoperative pain control in hernia surgery.


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