Possible adverse drug reaction to parenteral amino acids in an infant: a case report

Pallavi Kawatra, Pritam Biswas, M. C. Shivamurthy, B. P. Karunakara


A case report of a possible adverse drug reaction to 10% parenteral aminoacid formulation in a 5½ month male patient diagnosed with bronchopulmonary pneumonia with acute respiratory distress syndrome in septic shock, is presented. There was a temporal relationship between the administration of the parenteral amino acid formulation and the onset of the exanthem. This was further evidenced by the regression of the exanthem following the discontinuation of the formulation. The causality assessment of this adverse drug reaction has been done, and the likely causes of this hypersensitivity reaction have been analyzed.


Amino acid, Hypersensitivity, Adverse drug reaction, Exanthem

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